Tuition is personalised, whether it is to sit exams, or just learn to play, lessons include instrument, technique, repertoire, musicianship, theory and harmony, composition, dictation, singing, sight-reading music, etc. Students of all levels are considered from 8 year old upwards.


Once accepted, students of school age are expected to attend lessons for the full term. Lessons are held on a weekly, bi-weekly or occasional basis, depending on the requirements of the students. Summer lessons are also given and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Adult students’ attendance is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Student’s absence

If a student must miss a lesson for illness or other commitments (sport events, other activities, etc), the teacher must be notified at least 24 hours in advance in order for the student to be entitled to a makeup lesson. Likewise, the teacher must be notified of any family holidays / travel during which the student will miss lessons.

Teacher’s absence

The teacher reserves the right to reschedule lessons due to illness, academic commitments, performances and family matters.


Students have the option of paying weekly, or per term. Weekly payment must be effected before the lesson, payment for the term must be effected before the first lesson of the term. Payment methods include:

  • Stripe: buttons on the Fees page
  • Bank transfer: details in invoice


Communication between teacher and parents / guardians / students is of paramount importance. Receipts, invoices and resources for the lessons are sent via email. Please make sure to check your emails / texts, download all resources made available by the teacher and acknowledge / reply to messages as required.

Termination of lessons

If a students decides he / she no longer wants to take piano lessons, the teacher must be notified one month in advance in order to make arrangements to fill the time made available with the next student on the waiting list. The teacher has the right to terminate tuition in case of unruly behaviour, failure to practice or failure to comply with studio policy, delays / failure to fulfil payments.

Continuation of lessons into next term / school year

Returning students will take precedence over prospective new students in the assignment of lesson times. The teacher will contact all parents / students two to three weeks prior to the start of the school year to ascertain whether there are schedule changes and to work out lesson times. All cares are taken in order to best accommodate everyone’s weekly schedules, within what’s possible. Family life is a hive of activities and working out a weekly roster at the outset of the school year takes planning and joint effort from parents and teacher alike.

Student’s practice and performances

Students are expected to carry out their practice and assignments daily, six days a week. Parents are encouraged to monitor the children’s practice.

While exams are optional, I find it necessary to have a goal towards which the student must work, in order to give direction and scope to all the practice and effort involved. One performance at the end of each term is required in that capacity. The options available are:

  1. to sit a graded exam;
  2. to have an informal recital in the student’s house with a few family members and friends acting as an audience;
  3. to record a performance, with or without an audience, and have the student watch the video and write a short essay about it.