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Downton Abbey theme tune piano lesson

Here it is finally, a full lesson on how to practice the theme tune of the opening title from the Downton Abbey TV show. This is a transcription I made myself, and I did my best to stay faithful to the original. Download the sheet music and have fun.

Download sheet music here

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3 replies on “Downton Abbey theme tune piano lesson”

Hi Emiliano:

Nice work; was following your video and practice for a while, improved a lot, it is very helpful;

Not sure if you have checked this synthesia video youtube:

This video contains some other pieces from Downton Abbey OST, like ‘Fashion’; from 1:33, there is a transition and then goes to ‘Fashion’ which is a beautiful piece; can you also tutorial about that piece which we could combine with the theme piece and make a more complete performance 🙂

Appreciate and admire your work again, and wish to see more;


Hi Hao Ding, thank you very much for your kind words and the suggestions.

I watched the Synthesia video you linked, and I think it’s a little bit more challenging than the transcription in my own video. In the video you link the left hand is a little busier and its compass is wider on the arpeggios.
Tackling the rest of the Downton Abbey suite, or at least another couple pieces, is a good idea. However, instead of using that synthesia video as the source for my notes, I prefer listening to the original and then transcribing a piano solo version. That way I can make it as difficult or as easy as it’s appropriate, as long as it’s faithful to what I hear in the original.

Some more videos are definitely overdue, I was also going to start working on maybe Einaudi and post few practice tips on one of his pieces.

Thank you for the suggestions, and again, for the kind words. All the best for your piano journey.


Emiliano: Thank you so much for publishing this video and sheet music. I am returning to piano after being away from it for almost 30 years. Your tutorial is very easy to follow and provides me with a positive way to return to taking lessons. 30 years ago, I would never have imagined that one could take a lesson in such a way! Thanks again, George

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