Piano lesson Grade 1 LCM: Trumpet Tune by William Duncombe

This piano lesson focuses on how to practice in detail this short piece, which is Grade 1 piano syllabus London College of Music for the years 2014 – 2017; for all my students currently preparing LCM piano grade 1 lasix pills online.

Please take the time to MINDFULLY practice all the spots that require more attention than others, highlighted in the video.

Key signatures and tonic triads, few concepts – ABRSM theory grade 3

This is a theory lesson aimed at furthering the understanding of key signatures and their relationship to the keys lasix dosage. Also the relationship between major and relative minor is looked at. Specifically to gain knowledge required to answer correctly some questions of ABRSM grade 3 standard. Get writing, and HAPPY UNDERSTANDING ?

Downton Abbey theme tune piano lesson

Here it is finally, a full lesson on how to practice the theme tune from the Downton Abbey TV show. This is a transcription I made myself, and I did my best to stay faithful to the original. Unfortunately there is a small portion of the video where the MIDI keyboard does not work, and it only occurred to me after the video rendered, sorry about that. Download the sheet music and have fun.

downton abbey sheet

downton abbey sheet 2