Hi and welcome to my website
My name is Emiliano and I play and teach piano. This website is a tool for providing extra support to my students, as well as a free reference to anyone out there who might be interested in learning.

1 to 1 piano lessons

From beginners to advanced, age 8 to 100, this is the time tested and traditional way. All examining boards covered (RIAM, ABRSM, LCM, Trinity), or just learn-to-play without examinations at the end of the term. Classical, modern, pop, it’s all available. Ask me more through the contact form.

LIVE online piano lessons

Anyone with an internet connection and a webcam can take piano lessons from the comfort of their home, saving both time and money. Get in touch to learn how to get started.

Music theory, 1 to 1 or LIVE online

Essential to further your understanding of music. ABRSM graded exams syllabus.


If you or your child need a piano accompanist for an exam or Feis, get in touch.

Custom made piano video

I can produce videos that break down and show you how to practice a piano piece. Send me a message to request your video such as this:

Happy practicing.